Set up a Pakistan Company from Any
part of the World

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Starting from
PKR 9,500

Business Setup/Registration
Get your company registered in Pakistan from any part of the world with Accountaxpert. Setting up a business can be laborious but choosing the wrong model can be worse. At Accountaxpert, we will listen to you, discuss your business plan and find the best suited model for your business.

Starting from
PKR 8,500/m


The heart and soul of every business, bookkeeping can be a pain for all businesses. However, putting technology to good use, we have your back. We will ensure your bookkeeping is smooth, Hassle-free and prompt.

Starting from
PKR 10,000/m

Corporate Compliance

Corporate compliance is an integral part of your business’s operations. In simple terms, it implies adherence to all the laws and regulations that apply to your business. Ensuring compliance not only fulfils your moral obligation but also frees your business off heavy fines and other costs that may arise in the event of fines. Additionally, it also protects your business from fraud, abuse, discrimination, and other negative practices that may adversely affect your business. Since the legal landscape never remains the same, compliance isn’t a one off procedure but a continuing process.

Starting from
PKR 3000

Tax Services

Filing a tax return can be a nightmare for businesses regardless of wherever you are in the globe and no wonder in the midst of other pressing things, a nearing deadline can run one crazy. Don’t worry we are here to sail you through this grueling phase.